less baking, more biking!

I feel as if I must take advantage of these clear, sunny autumn days to get outdoors as much as possible before the winter blahs strike!

Also I need to cut back on the baking because I’m feeling a little pudgy around the middle these days, despite going to the gym plenty. Yes, I have been falling victim to the baker’s taste-test problem. So, for the next little while, I’m planning to cook more, bike/hike/run more, and bake no more than once a week.

Dinner today was worth photographing (um, except my photos are terrible…sorry)! Sweet potato chili over wild rice:


Ah, Thanksgiving! I must say, I didn’t used to care about it much, but it’s grown to be one of my favourite holidays! This long weekend provided a welcome dose of nature, family time, and good food.

Started off with a little amble around Pink Lake and the Mackenzie King Estate in Gatineau Park:

I wouldn’t mind living here…


A mystical-looking arch

To be continued!


Been listening to lots of Fleetwood Mac, whilst playing board games and cooking dinner!


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