apple fever!

Finally retrieved my 10kg bag of apples from our apple-picking adventure a few weeks ago (they were residing at my friend’s place)! What on earth shall I do with them all?

Well, I started by eating three on my walk home, and then baking some maple apple oatmeal muffins (added walnuts to the recipe).

Hmph, a little dry/tough once again. I determined they are best eaten in this form:

Looks a little vommy, but makes a good breakfast!


Where were we on that beautiful Thanksgiving weekend?

I was intrigued by these “ruins” which Mackenzie King apparently transported from various sites in Canada and Britain (I believe) in order to add to the landscape. He certainly had an eye for blending the natural and built landscape!

Then it was time for a hike at Meech Lake!

I was impressed by those intrepid mountain bikers. Can’t really see it in the photo, but it was a steep trail!

Last batch of photos from Mount Orford in the Eastern Townships to come soon!!


Yarr, at last I have Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation on mi computadora! Love this album.

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