Yes, it was snowing as I biked home from the PS I Love You + Diamond Rings concert last night – and not lightly, either!

It felt a little bit like Christmas-time, biking through downtown Ottawa on quiet streets, office towers looming in the background, and blue fairy lights adorning the bare trees…

ANYWAY! PS I Love You was interesting, and John O was great… I need to buy his album asap.

Pumpkin banana overnight oats topped with pumpkin seeds = new breakfast obsession.

And baking zucchini bread is an excellent device for procrastination (don’t worry, I got my assignment done in time!):

I’ve decided that the best additions to zucchini bread are unsweetened coconut and toasted walnuts.

At the moment I’m painting my nails neon pink and green in preparation for my outing tonight as a RAVE KID (Halloween costume). I still need to go find some rainbow face paint and glitter!

I find this song a little weird, but incredibly soothing:


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