hibernation time!

I exaggerate, but it has been unseasonably frosty outside – looks like we won’t get a lovely 20+0C spell like last November 😦

Whaddaya do when temps starts to drop below zero? Make soup, bien sur!

Thai sweet potato soup with coconut milk (added carrots and broccoli to the recipe) – made with the help of my new favourite kitchen gadget, the immersion blender!

It’s been a long while since I’ve made grilled cheese, but I figured it was a necessary accompaniment to soup on a chilly evening –

Grilled cheese Sra-style, with medium cheddar, avocado, and tomato slices!

Whoops, a little burnt.

I’ve got a pan of blondies with walnuts and coconut baking at the moment for a friend’s birthday- kitchen smells nice and brown sugar-y. Yes, I think the key to baking often without becoming excessively lardy is to share and freeze the rest! PORTION CONTROL, what.

I’ve happily discovered another Toronto band called Foxes in Fiction thanks to BlogTO’s neighbourhood mix tapes

I want to listen to this while walking around High Park in the winter…

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