brown rice…is nice

Finally made a brown rice breakfast bowl, as seen on one of my favourite food blogs, Running to Slow Things Down.

I followed her recipe, except I used 3/4 c brown rice and 3 Tbsp soymilk. Topped mine with a handful of frozen raspberries, pumpkin seeds, and a few walnut pieces. VERY GOOD! Possibly my new favourite breakfast.

Check out the beauty of the last peanut butter chocolate cupcake standing!

Vegan cupcakes just might take over the world.


I was inspired, after the purchase of frozen raspberries (forgot how much I enjoy frozen berries, even in the winter), to make a pumpkin rasberry walnut loaf.

I declare it a WINNAH. Recipe from Joy of Baking– only changes were substituting frozen raspberries for the cranberries, using only 1/3 cup sugar, and adding about 1/2 cup toasted walnut pieces.


Gosh, I get so LAZY and unmotivated when it’s cold outside and gets dark so early. Basically my only interest upon leaving work at 5pm is to scamper home and curl up on the couch with an endless supply of tea/hot chocolate, graphic novels, and bad TV (currently watching ANTM Cycle 15. Why do I keep watching this??)

Although I have been going on long walks regularly and still hit up the gym on weekends, it’s really not enough exercise 😦

What to do, what to do?

3 thoughts on “brown rice…is nice

  1. I do rice bowls all the time, but never sweet for breakfast. Sounds like a great idea though, a nice change of pace from the steel-cut oats but similar enough that it won’t throw off my daily routine. 😉

  2. I saw a couple of those rice bowls on Sarah’s blog. I’ve tried rice for breakfast maybe once before but I NEED to do it again, my first attempt was only slightly good and I think it has so much potential. mmmm. That bread has me mmmming too, I love adding berries to bread. Though crans are good too and I DO have a bunch frozen in the freezer…I might have to make that recipe! As soon as I get some essaying out of the way of course 😦

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