pumpkin muffin fail + vintage shopping success

I actually had pumpkin to use up in the fridge (this is a rare occurance – normally I go through a giant can alarmingly quickly), so I made some vegan pumpkin chocolate chip muffins to bring along to a dinner.

Um yeah, I don’t know what I did wrong, but they turned out very dry and rubbery 😦 I shan’t share the recipe, since the result was so lacklustre.

Dinner was delicious, though! Somehow it took several hours to make, but ’twas well worth it. White bean + roasted garlic soup (from Vegan with a Vengeance):

Jerk seitan from the same cookbook:

Chocolate-coconut pudding!

I was actually too full to eat the pudding (WHAT? I’m never too full usually), but I got a good taste from licking the mixing bowl. It was delicious.


Man I love vintage shopping. Last Thursday was the first of two holiday shopping nights on North Dalhousie, with discounts, free food and wine, and donations going towards Dress for Success 🙂

I found some welcome additions to my collection of vintage earrings – some of which will be given away as gifts –

A perfect going-out purse and shoes –

And a lace-trimmed cardigan…I’d been searching for one for ages (this one was bought new from Victoire).

What a haul!


Went to a GREAT show last night at Capital Music Hall – check out this song, it’s a beauty (love the video as well)

And now, it is time for another treadmill run! Trying to build up some endurance so I can run FOR REALS this spring.


One thought on “pumpkin muffin fail + vintage shopping success

  1. vintage wins indeed! (ps i am catching up on every single blog entry you’ve ever written… creepy? why yes!)
    sarah i am now OBSESSED with coconut in everything… i feel like you were the one who planted the coconut seed in my mind, so to speak… and now you’re gone. too bad we couldn’t share coconut-bliss.

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