eggs and pains

Gosh, it’s weird how sore my arms and core get from running – but I’m excited to keep it up and build up that endurance! My short-term goal is to be able to run 5km in 35 min-gotta start somewhere 🙂

Speaking of running, how inspiring was today’s episode of the Biggest Loser where they all run a marathon?? Holy cow. Definitely teared up during that one.


I normally don’t cook eggs for myself, but when I found that I hadn’t the usual ingredients for weekend breakfast (pumpkin banana oat bran) I whipped up a scramble of sorts – two eggs with lots of pepper, chili seasoning, some spinach, and peas. Ate it over multigrain toast and onion hummus – a solid pre-gym breakfast! (I gave myself plenty of time to digest, of course.)

Another weekend breakfast ritual is making coffee in my beloved one-person french press – I don’t have time during the week (well I WOULD, but I’ve developed the habit of waking up precisely 27 min before I leave for work…just enough time to throw on some semblance of an outfit, wash face, brush teeth, and wolf down cereal) so it’s nice to be able to take the time to make a delicious mug on weekends. The essentials:

Mélange de la Brûlerie from the local coffee-roaster 🙂

And a tiny bit of vanilla agave nectar.

I’ve been slowly eating up this franken-loaf, made up of the leftovers from my potluck baking!

Half lemon-blueberry-coconut, half chocolate-banana. It is difficult to exercise portion control with loaves I find (that’s why I prefer baking muffins for myself) but I’m doing all right…


My latest tea obsession is Celestial Seasonings’ Honey Vanilla White Chai. It smells and tastes incredible! Perfect for drinking upon returning home from a frosty, windy walk.


“This satisfying blend is a smooth and creamy interpretation of our authentic chai recipe. Honey Vanilla White Tea Chai combines delicate, antioxidant-rich white tea, golden honey and smooth vanilla to create a delightfully mild brew with just the right amount of spice. Add warm milk and sweeten to taste for a soothing chai experience.”

The box also tells me that “Honey never spoils. In fact, the honey found in the tomb of King Tut was still edible!” NEAT.

Still on the lookout for their holiday teas – any Ontarians out there want to tell me where I can find them? haha.



2 thoughts on “eggs and pains

  1. Oh man, I hope you do find those holiday teas- I’m totally addicted! Every year, I buy about a half dozen boxes of the candy cane lane teas so I can enjoy them for a few months to come. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you (not sure about the situation in Canada…) they have knock off teas that I think are from Celestial seasonings, of the same candy cane and black/vanilla flavors, at least.

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