feed that brain

I’ve been doing some intense studying for my modern American lit exam this weekend, which necessitates mucho COFFEE and BRAIN FOOD!

Exhibit A: Dinosaur mug of coffee

Exhibit B: Chickpea salad with a chopped bell pepper and walnuts

Exhibit C: Oat bran with pb, a little bit of pumpkin, raspberries, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds

Exhibit D: Multigrain toast with avocado

And lots of snackage on frozen raspberries and clementines!

Now, time to solidify my knowledge of imagist poets! And perhaps go to the Market to get a Beaver Tail!

(Surprised lemon-eating face)

One thought on “feed that brain

  1. Definitely sounds like some smart eats to me, and it all looks so good, too! Are those baby corn I see in that salad! Love those things, but I never think to buy them. Thanks for the reminder.

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