It was ICKY outside yesterday (freezing rain and the ground was covered with a thick layer of slush) so I set out to make some comfort food: rice pudding! It didn’t turn out very pudding-y – more like sweet brown rice – but it’s still tasty!

Used (these are all estimates – I didn’t bother measuring anything):

1 1/2 c leftover cooked brown rice
1 c soymilk
1 pear, diced
1 Tbsp vanilla agave nectar
Lots of ground cinnamon

Simply mix everything in a medium saucepan and cook over low heat for about 30 min. Top with walnuts, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, etc.!


Had a litle baking party after work today, after drinking some delicious chai at Maison de Thé Cha Yi – here we have some carrot raisin buckwheat muffins (recipe from The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen):

They turned out a little bit…crusty, because we put in too much flour. Nevertheless, they are quite healthy and would make a good accompaniment to a spicy carrot soup, methinks!

I also got to sample some delicious carrot cookies my friend made-

See that speck of purple? Yeah, that’s cabbage.  A bag of mixed shredded carrots, broccoli and cabbage slaw was used in the making of these cookies. So funny! They taste great though – not a hint of cabbage to be detected.


Man, I’ve been eating such boring dinners lately! Meh, sometimes simple is just what the stomach needs.

Two eggs scrambled with zucchini, pepper, and green peas, with lotsa pepper and chili seasoning 🙂

I was actually too full from baking taste-testing to eat most of this, so I’ll be eating cold egg scramble for brekkie. Unappetizing to some, perhaps, but I’m all for it!


This is such a good workout/dance around your room song-

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