tis the season

For carol-singing, card-crafting, and gingerbread-cookie making!

First batch of (hopefully) many Christmas cookies-


And after-

I only snagged two because I had many people to give them to, but I shall be making them again soon…preferably with red AND green sprinkles next time!


The new love of my life:

Many a snack plate revolving around this delicacy have been consumed…

And it makes an excellent addition to the usual pumpkin oat bran –

I’m always amazed at how voluminous 1/4 c dry oat bran becomes!

Think I set a new record for myself by getting out of bed at 1:30pm and eating “breakfast” at 2:30pm – very uncharacteristic, as I’m normally not much of a sleeper-inner. Guess I must have had a sleep deficit or somethin’! Or a little dancing at Zaphods is more of a workout than I thought…

Going to see Zeus tonight! Last night out in Ottawa – very much looking forward to heading home, but I will miss little bits and pieces of this city…like Zaphods, Beaver Tails, walking across the Alexandra Bridge, cycling along the river, Umi Cafe, Bridgehead, the Bytowne Cinema…yeah, definitely had some good times this term!

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