busy bee

So I’m sill getting used to the school routine…I’ve been a little frazzled trying to get my life sorted out for the next little while, but I’m happy to report that I’ve:

1) enrolled in that creative writing workshop

2) managed to get an interview for a part-time job at a health food store

3) heard back from two farms regarding an internship this summer, including one in the Okanagan Valley in BC

4) booked a flight to San Francisco for Reading Week!

So things are looking pretty positive, at least for the time being šŸ™‚

Most of my meals lately have been of the semi-homemade variety…but I’m sure I will get back to “real” cooking and baking soon enough!

Meanwhile, there’s nothing wrong with some Amy’s split pea soup with added brown lentils, quinoa, and zucchini:

Oat bran with vanilla hemp milk, banana, peanut and almond butter, dried cranberries, and coconut:

Strange-looking breakfast bowls of vanilla soy yogurt, frozen raspberries, some sort of cereal with strawberries, leftover quinoa, and walnut pieces:

And of course, coffee made in my little french-press – this Pumpkin Spice coffee from Matter of Taste is uh-mazing:

Man, our house-cat makes the funniest expressions!

Hee hee.


5 thoughts on “busy bee

  1. the okanagan is SO BEAUTIFUL! i remember wayyyy back in 2002 our family took a road trip through there and i didnt want to leave. we stayed at a nearby campground and i remember throwing a temper tantrum cuz i wouldnt get back on the motor home. my mom promised we’d visit again the next summer..but we never did lol..and still havent!

    ive been a busy bee too, but it seems like uve been feeling the stress of it! im sorry to hear it- and im hoping soon u get into a more smooth routine/rhythm to help ease all the stress. xoxo

  2. first of all im a CAT LOVER and i love these photos of your kitty ā¤ ā¤

    lately ive been having issues with my computer not letting me comment/not allowing my comments to appear, so fingers crossed this goes through!

    mmm dried cranberries really brighten up any meal šŸ™‚ and i love that u use hemp milk. ive tried it a few times and its not too bad, an aquired taste at first but once u get used to it, its really yummmmi šŸ™‚


  3. Great idea for doctoring up canned soup. I do love Amy’s brand, but it’s true that the veggies can be a bit lacking, or at least a bit softer than desirable. Nothing like some fresh additions to perk it up!

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