no job! but yes banana bread!

Bahhh I didn’t manage to get that part-time job at the health food store…they were looking for someone with summer availability 😦

I guess I’ll be making more phone calls and dropping off more résumés this weekend! Goshdarnit, I didn’t realize it’d be so difficult to find work from January – April.

On a brighter note, I created my first baked good in the new (and equally tiny) apartment kitchen yesterday – mmm banana bread (used the Veganomicon recipe and added carob chips and walnuts). I wanted to make “blue banana bread” (with blueberries) after our prof kept referring to the “Blue Banana” corridor of urbanization in Western Europe, but alas, no blueberries were to be found on the premises.

Gahhh Internet connection is slow as a snail crawling through molasses in January…more pictures to come by-the-by!


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