sage comme une image

Ahh January. You are a tough month to love. Despite me being somewhat of a winter-baby, it’s been hard to get myself out of the house these past few weeks! However, I am forcing myself to go out and do things like yoga class + gymming + skating + long walks in the snow because I ALWAYS feel better and more lively afterwards!

One indisputably good thing about winter is chocolat chaud! Especially when it’s spicy Mexican hot chocolate that my sister brought back from Oaxaca –

MAYORDOMO is a fun word to say.

I think George approves!

Oat bran definitely makes chilly mornings better! My room is usually about 15C (that’s 59F) when I wake up…brrr.

This was a particularly good batch, with sunflower seed butter (I keep picking up samples of this…it’s delicious), apple butter, dried cranberries, walnuts, and, of course, cinnamon.

My roommate made vegan carrot cupcakes one day! MMMM SO GOOD.

Scheduled for this evening is an ugly sweater party at the Jane Bond – yuss! Borrowed an awesome wolf hoodie from a friend and am looking forward to hanging with other tacky-outerwear sportin’ folk.

Here is a limerick written in lecture, as my attention waned…

there once was a flighty red fish
who had only one life-long wish
to spruce up her tank
without breaking the bank
using knick-knacks and plenty of kitsch

Been on a Television kick this week!

4 thoughts on “sage comme une image

  1. First time to your blog! I’m currently addicted to sunflower seed butter. One day I’ll stop eating it straight with a spoon and try it on porridge like you’ve done 😛

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