Forgot to post the few photos I took of Sunday’s deeelicious brunch gathering –
Mini quiche, a lonely piece of veggie bacon, spinach roll, scrambled tofu, brioche, and fruta! I ❤ BRUNCH.
A nice assortment of mugs for coffee and tea
Some streetscape shots – Uptown looks quite pretty in the snow, doesn’t it?
Apparently Gen X is closing at the end of 2011 😦
I ran into my friend B and took some photos in the late afternoon sun! So nice!
Whew, I am happy to have made it through Tuesday! ‘Twas a long day. Interview at 9:30am, short break, back to school to study, then solid class from 1 to 9pm and a walk home in the face-numbing cold. I am unwinding by listening to this wonderfully uplifting Patrick Wolf song, drinking chai, and warming my feet by the space heater! Ah, if only we had a fireplace….haha.

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