craft withdrawal

I have been utterly uncreative lately…must reintroduce some arts & crafts into my life.

Shall I collage?

Sew more felt skulls onto mittens?

Or just doodle?

I did write a not-completely-hopeless (I hope…) poem for a creative writing workshop, though! Check it-

Neighbourhood Watch

Fluttering hands
alternate with balled fists.
Wispy white hair frames his face,
sun-touched, wind-shaped.

Coffee-stained teeth abut
whisper-thin lips, flaking.
An ache to share meaning
through strings of syllables.

Dark blue overcoat, unbuttoned,
flaps in the gusts of early May.
Loose slacks, comically frayed
expose reedy legs, frame a knock-kneed gait.

His origins a mystery
walking the city for years.
His knowledge should be envied
by mapmakers and flâneurs.

stop-start, pace-retreat

How many times over? This pattern
defines the days – boring? It must be.

Deliberate as an actor
assessing the sidewalk ballet.
Nothing aimless in his movement
although people call him “drifter”.

Now he articulates concerns
about air-borne toxins, falsified headlines.
Milky blue eyes, too intense
bow our heads and stride away.

Is it a different sort of dignity,
unaffected by self-consciousness?
If his presence threatens noone,
then why evade his gaze?

We wonder at his hardiness
admire his conviction.
Wish his tales could be told
outside the glass-paned station.


On another note, Katharina’s Food Adventures is hosting an a giveaway of Three Sisters Cereals! This makes me very happy; I mean, who wouldn’t want to win some delicious cereal with names like Cinnamon Sweets, Honey Puffs, and Marshmallow Oaties? Sounds like sunshine and rainbows to me…love it.



4 thoughts on “craft withdrawal

  1. I love your collages! They almost look like watercolors. I use to collage a lot in my sketchbooks, but haven’t done that in awhile. This inspires me to do that 🙂 I always have a hard time cutting my magazines a part lol. Actually, I don’t have very many to choose from anyway. Maybe I can repaint the pictures I’d like to use in watercolor? Hehe that’d be nifty.

    p.s. good luck with the giveaway! I want to try the cinnamon sweets and graham crackerz.

  2. Thank you for sharing your poem! I wish I had the courage to post some of mine on my blog, but it’s been so, so long since I’ve ever let anyone read my writing, that the idea terrifies me. I also know how you feel about missing being craft-creative. I love cross-stitching but have had to sotp because it’s giving me RSI. (Pretty much the lamest thing ever…)

    My vote has to go for the mittens. They’re AWESOME.

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