west coast love

Well I must say, San Francisco is quite the photogenic city! I felt obliged to whip out my camera practically every time we turned a bend or scaled one of those quad-busting hills…amazing.

And so the photographic recap begins!

Pre-travel egg and veggie burger scramble (this was shortly before I realized that I’d left my passport at my apartment in Waterloo…don’t worry, I retrieved it before heading to the airport, but the whole thing was a tad stressful):

First sightings of downtown, near our hostel:

We managed to snag a FREE cable-car ride late one night…heh heh.

Dancing in public squares is always a good thing!

Wine and face masks -> we are classy ladies:

Fell in love with my friend’s brown Oxfords…

Lovely apartment rental in Pacific Heights:

Of course, we had to sample some avocados while in California! I present: guangomole (mango + guacamole):

Trader Joe’s quadruple hummus…you make my life complete.

We also made some pasta salad with chickpeas, veggies, and Goddess dressing:

I couldn’t stop admiring the beautiful, pastel-coloured Victorian/Queen Anne houses in Pac Heights:

OKAY! More to come, of course. Sadly, homework calls!

2 thoughts on “west coast love

  1. Boo to homework! Ignore it and show us more wonderful travel photos! More more! Oh, how I long to be exploring the world again…

    Also, guangomole is now my favourite word. Just so you know.

  2. the architecture of the homes there are so gorgeous!! i cant imagine how much fun one could have exploring all the nooks and cranny’s of SF 🙂
    mmm and ur pre-travel meal looks VERY YUMMY!! ❤

    can't wait for the future updates!!! xoxo

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