run for your life!

Just realized this is the first time in far too long (like, since Grade 11) that I’ve kept up with running for more than two months! Hurrah! My pace times still leave much to be desired, but I THINK my endurance is slowly improving. So yeah, my last run was 3 miles in about 34:16, […]

1, 2, 3, 4

#1 After reading a full section of the newspaper on the devastation in Japan while at home this weekend, I knew I had to do SOMETHING, so I made a donation to Red Cross Canada. I feel a bit better, even it if it’s tiny action in the grand scheme of things. I feel so […]


How to transition from vacation-mode to welcoming winter and a rather hectic school term once again? 1. Drink tea! My current favourite is Celestial Seasonings’ Madagascar Vanilla. 2. Go for late afternoon walks! The light is quite beautiful, and I find the wind tends to die down late in the day. 3. Listen to some […]

just call me farmer bradley!

Guess what! I got my farm job 🙂 This summer I’ll be working as an intern at Pilgrims’ Produce Organic Farm, in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia! I’m really looking forward to working OUTSIDE and learning a whole whack of practical skills – I’m sure it’ll be challenging (especially as I won’t know anyone there, and […]