1, 2, 3, 4

#1 After reading a full section of the newspaper on the devastation in Japan while at home this weekend, I knew I had to do SOMETHING, so I made a donation to Red Cross Canada. I feel a bit better, even it if it’s tiny action in the grand scheme of things. I feel so lucky to never have been affected by a natural disaster, but I can’t help being fairly certain that it’s bound to happen at some point in my lifetime…

Donate to the Red Cross (Canada)

#2 Musical pick-me-up! Just try it. It’s incredible!

#3 I am getting super excited about our school trip to Amsterdam…cannot wait to explore by bicycle, hang out on a houseboat in the canals, learn some Dutch (what an interesting-sounding language!!) and eat stroopwafels and drink Amstel. Mm.

I discovered an online “Hipster Travel Guide”…which I’m sure will provide valuable information. Such as this: Amsterdam: No Pot for Tourists

#4 Film cameras take wonderful photos. Could this not be a postcard?

(taken by my friend Laurel)

Oh, who was I kidding – I still have more photos to share!

I love primary colours 🙂

The Beats!

Wheeee, hills!

Lush plants and OCEAN VIEWS. Come back to me!


The Grove on Fillmore Ave…such a chill spot.

Alta Vista Park

Flower child!


One thought on “1, 2, 3, 4

  1. When you go to Amsterdam, make sure you buy Speculaas spread! I have never forgiven myself for not buying a jar when I saw it in Amsterdam, thinking that I’d find it elsewhere. Boo! (P.S. I know some of them are vegna, but not sure exactly which brands they are.) Yay travel!

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