run for your life!

Just realized this is the first time in far too long (like, since Grade 11) that I’ve kept up with running for more than two months! Hurrah! My pace times still leave much to be desired, but I THINK my endurance is slowly improving.

So yeah, my last run was 3 miles in about 34:16, with a few walking breaks. It’s a bit frustrating because I feel like my legs can handle more, but my side/chest always starts to cramp up after about 20 min.

I’m also feeling the yoga love lately..wish I could do more than two classes a week! Hopefully I can salute the sun every morning while working on a farm in BC…wooo.

Some fun workout songs:

BANG BANG (Trouble Andrew & Santogold)

If You Return (Maximum Balloon ft. Little Dragon)

AN OLDIE! You’re a Strange Animal (Gowan) …Oh my gosh, this video is wondrous.

Ultralight (Parallels)…I really never get sick of this one.

And a mashup, for good measure! Heads Will Smack (The White Panda – Yeah Yeah Yeahs/A-Track/Eminem)

This about sums up my weekend 🙂 Yeahh fake pink hair (I was dressed as a rave kid for a party.)

One thought on “run for your life!

  1. Well done! I decided to try running last year. Since September 2010, I’ve done five 20m runs. So you’re a leeetle bit ahead of me in the motivation stakes 😉

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