spring a ling

19 degree weather and nothing much to do but study french verbs, make muffins, and take my dear bicycle out of hibernation = happy happy me.

Some lovely wanderings around the Junction (unfortunately it was quite dull out):

Lots of NDP signs up!

Cupcake in the park! (Vegan lemon cupcake from Bunner’s…so good.)

These cheap shoes are falling apart but I can’t bear to throw them out! It’s hard to find red flats with gold buckles.

Polka dots and plaid? Por qué no?

This place has a lovely drink called “latte au miel” –

I wish I knew the people that chill up here on sunny afternoons. Seems like a great spot to watch the Dupont&Spadina street life!

These “bran” muffins turned out a bit strange, as we only had an ancient jar of wheat germ in the kitchen. Being too cheap to go out and by ingredients, I opted to make do.


Countdown to European adventure: SEVEN DAYS!

As we might be going on a little excursion to Wales, my goal is to be able to pronounce this (Longest place name in Wales: llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch).

Hahaha…or not. I’m pretty good with languages, but this is completely different than anything I’ve ever heard!

ALSO, I just have to share this school e-mail:

Hi everyone:

It appears that we have a couple of unwanted guests who have moved onto the ledge
above the EV1 door leading to ML.  Apparently they are quite territorial just now so
please take care as you pass through there.

Let's hope that the hatching is successful and takes place soon. :)

Joanne  Holzinger

The uni I go to is known for its problem with Canada geese (they like to invade campus during the warmer months and hiss at and threaten people…hilarious but disconcerting at times!!).

One thought on “spring a ling

  1. I ADORE the Welsh language! The lack of vowels makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. Gosh, I really am a nerd.

    Thank you for shots of this city! It’s calming my travel yearnings a little 🙂

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