under the sun

It’s funny the things you start to appreciate at home after living in a series of somewhat shoddy apartments in university (nothing terrible, just a bit cramped and very little kitchen space to work with)!

For example, meals at a proper kitchen table in the presence of natural light = one of life’s small pleasures.

(Also, an abundance of fresh fruits like mangoes, oranges, and berries!!)

la la la

Also, finding my favourite vegan burgers in the freezer! Eaten with lemon-dill hummus alongside baby spinach and some very juicy little tomatoes.

I also whipped up some scrambled tofu, using:

1/2 block herbed extra-firm tofu
1 chopped sweet pepper
a few Tbsp black bean and corn salsa
Handful of frozen peas
Salt, black pepper, and chili powder

Eaten for dins with a hummus-slathered pita and some plain carrots (which look gigantic in this photo…strange angle).

Home is also synonymous with TEA TIME (all the time). Nothing beats loose leaf Chai Masala and Earl Grey!

Leftover tofu scramble for breakfast? Why yes!

Besides enjoying the kitchen, I got a little crafty and used my pro collaging skills (hah) to get rid of some Anthropologie catalogues that had been occupying space on my desk for months:

Yay for glue and bits of paper!

Aside: I have discovered the key to staying on the treadmill/elliptical/what have you for more than half an hour is making use of the gym TVs to watch Criminal Minds (on A&E). I am normally NOT one for crime shows, but this one is very intense and intriguing. Also not so gory as some of the other ones, I find.


4 thoughts on “under the sun

  1. hey just discovered your blog and i wanted to comment on how absolutely beautiful the sunlight is in your photos!!!!! and that cute little purple teapot =)

  2. That scrambled tofu looks amazing! I’ve been really lazy lately and have just been mashing up cold tofu with nutritional yeast and hot sauce. You’ve reminded me that a little effort can pay off nicely 🙂

  3. oh sarah, how i love your collages!! sooo good. mm that tofu scramble reminds me of that time we made breakfast with lisa and meagan.

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