Yo, rope!

Goodness, it’s been a while!

These past three weeks have been a bit of a blur. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Oxford, Paris, London, and numerous day trips to various towns in the southern UK – definitely great for a wandering woman like me! If only we could stay just a little longer…

Highlights? So many!
-Biking through the Dutch countryside on a beautiful, sunny Easter Sunday
-Exploring the canals and parks in Amsterdam
-Getting lost in the Red Light District…more than once
-Walking around Oxford University campus and imagining life as a student there
-Successfully navigating on the London Underground – definitely some good wayfinding there
-Spontaneous trip to Paris on the TGV to visit a lovely friend!
-Touring the Roman baths in Bath, UK (Say it: Bawwwwth)
-Just lying on the grass, appreciating the beauty of life and being (relatively) young and adventurous! hehe

Zucchini bread for the plane

Home! De Lastage apartments…highly recommended.

First dinner cooked!

Ahhh, late evening canal walks

Boats and bikes

People carrying all sorts of things while cycling

Reasonably-priced cannabis starter kits?

So many people out all the time

Giant trees!

Plenty of alleyways to meander down

Plenty more to come, but I must skulk back to my room to rehearse a presentation on gentrification for tomorrow! Hopefully the Brits will be impressed.

One thought on “Yo, rope!

  1. Oh, so envious! Apart from Bath (which sadly I couldn’t find an affordable hotel/hostel in), I went to all these places around this time last year…. how I wish I was back in Paris right now! Please post more travel snaps? 🙂

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