ouch my muscles

Yup, farm work = hard work!

Pros and cons of ze job so far:

-30 second commute cannot be beat! (I am living in a guest suite adjacent to the farmhouse)
-early to bed, early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise (well I sure hope so)
->starting work at 7 and ending a bit before 4 means I have much of the afternoon free, so when it gets warmer, I can start going out for hiking adventures and such
-delicious free produce (so far I’ve stocked up on asparagus and baby spinach to cook with)
-lots of physical activity…who knew harvesting and weeding was so exhausting?!
-beautiful scenery…I kept looking up whilst weeding today to be blown away by the fields and mountains around the farm
-farm owners and the three other workers are really cool and helpful so far
-I have access to a bike and a piano!

-I hurt all over! (but hopefully my body will get used to the work soon soon)
-being a total newbie & city girl, and often have no idea what I’m doing…I feel bad for having to ask for so much direction
-isolation! (having never lived in the countryside, I’m freaking out a little bit over the fact that the nearest city is about an hour away..and I obviously don’t have a car)

So overall, things are going well thus far. The only thing is that I wish I had some friends out here to visit on weekends, as I’m not sure how much adventuring I can realistically do on my own, sans voiture. Anyone reading in the Kelowna area and want to hang out with a farmhand? Hah hah.

Decided to upload some photos from PARIS – strange that it seems so long ago now that I’m in the work routine!

Mlex with her HAWT BIKE:

KFC et graffiti!

A little creepy, this one!


Cute friends in blue!

Cuisine libanaise…yum.

Demi-mondaine at La Maroquinerie

Walking around Montmartre on a rainy afternoon-

A little secret courtyard

Until next time!


3 thoughts on “ouch my muscles

  1. Oh, Paris! Sarah, you’ve soothed my heart 🙂

    Oh, and a friend of mine did a year at a dairy farm in the States last year, and she was so sore and bruised at the beginning! She absolutely loved every part of the experience though 🙂

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