one week down!

Well I must say I’m enjoying farm life so far…I feel like I’m learning so much and I can’t wait to get to start going to weekly markets and meeting some of the other farm folk here in the Okanagan. I also have already started thinking about how I can apply these skills to future jobs in urban agriculture – I sure hope I can find something awesome for next summer! Maybe the Stop Community Food Centre in Toronto…

One thing I really like about hands-on work is that it gives one plenty of time to think. Instead of “Internet breaks” during downtime at a desk job, it’s nice to just take a moment to BREATHE and APPRECIATE the surroundings, and the fact that we’re able to grow wonderful food on the land. Sounds muy cheesy, but in the big city, I really don’t think we think enough about where food comes from and how it’s grown – it’s very much a product without a backstory. ANYWAY, more confused contemplating will come, I am sure!

Some of the things I’ve done during this first week:
-harvest rhubarb, bok choy, asparagus, radishes, baby lettuce
-transplant herbs, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower
-weeding…so much weeding (carrots are particularly annoying)
-staking and caging tomatoes in the greenhouse
-sorting, washing and bagging produce for market and special orders
-prepping CSA (community shared agriculture) boxes

I also drove a quad/ATV for the first time ever!!

Besides farm work, I’ve been exploring the area by foot and bike (it’s about a 15 min bike ride into town – not bad, although unfortunately most of it’s along a highway), reading a lot, journaling, and making strange concoctions in the kitchen based on the limited groceries I have!

Oh, we also went to an info session of  Bokashi Cycle composting (the compost gets fermented so no gas or bad smells, apparently!) in town and sampled delicious grilled asparagus, cheese from the local place, and chocolate. Here I am on top of a small mountain (called Rose Swanson) – pretty nice scenery, right?

Indian paintbrushes! Reminds me of hiking in the Rockies as a child.

I tried making “balls of energy” – they kind of disintegrated, but I tried to repair the mess with ample sprinklings of unsweetened coconut.

Bob’s five-grain hot cereal with banana, almond milk, and various toppings -> good motivation to get out of bed at 6:15AM (I am so not an early riser).

Zucchini, lentils and spinach (freshly harvested from the greenhouse!) in coconut milk

Oh yeah, check out our digs! Definitely nicer than most of my apartments 🙂

There are chickens outside the front deck…amazing. I wake up to a rooster call every morning.


View out my bedroom window 

Now time to rest up for the coming week! In bed by 10. Up at 6. Eventually I’ll get used to it…













4 thoughts on “one week down!

  1. Wow, sounds like you are having an awesome time! Your kitchen is beautiful 🙂 and the breakfast looks yummy. Look forward to future entries!

  2. Wow, that all actually sounds really really awesome! Kind of like a life changing experience, a whole different way of living from the city life for sure! I’d love to try out something like that someday… I’m sure it really makes you flex those creativity muscles to find ways to entertain and occupy yourself. AND obviously the real muscles too with all that farmwork, which I’d be pretty down with. You’re going to be so RIPPED by the end of the summer hahaha. And your digs look awesome, what a cute apartment! I can’t wait to hear more about your Western Canada adventures 🙂

  3. Man, I just wrote post about how I cannot seem to be able to just LIVE and enjoy the moment…perhaps a week on the farm would help me more! I’ve always dreamed of living in the farm. That was before I got addicted to the internet (or even knew what that was), of course.

  4. YOU WOULD sprinkle something with coconut to make it better 😉 haha It’s okay, i am now a coconut fiend myself. the farmwork sounds so appealing to me! you look so happy in that photo and the scenery is gorgeous.

    holy crap your apartment is SO SO NICE. do you share a bedroom with someone? if so, what’s that like? your kitchen looks awesome.

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