just me and the vegetables


Spending many hours weeding peas and strawberry plants in the field means plenty of time to come up with LIMERICKS and other silly ditties! Here are two:

there once was a spiffy top hat
whose singing voice was rather flat
yet he took to the stage
and made minimum wage
being pelted by fruit peels – kersplat!

there once was a twelve-string guitar
whose tremulous notes traveled far
from the hilltops of Spain
to the dunes of Bahrain
with a clarity nothing could mar

Hmm, there seems to be a theme here – inanimate objects personified, making music!

On the food front, I’ve been taking advantage of the “peasants’ corner” (where extra/funny-looking produce and eggs find their home, to be claimed by farm workers) to cook up simple but filling meals this week.

Egg scramble with onions, spinach, green peppers, potatoes, and medium cheddar (everything from ze farm, except the cheese!):

Rainbow baby carrots! Don’t mind my dirt-encrusted paw…

Served alongside wheatberries, lentils, and spinach with a sauce of almond milk + nooch + hummus + spices:

Haha, the ends are all curly.

White potatoes are something I normally decline to buy, but since there was a bag of them up for grabs, I decided today was a hash brown for brunch kinda day! Made with three small potatoes, an onion, chopped green and yellow bell peppers, and spices (lots of curry powder, cumin, and salt n pepper):

With a dollop of store-bought pesto hummus on the side (holy cow, this stuff is delicious with just about ANYTHING)!

And I’m continuing to love overnight oats (well, five-grain cereal) for weekday breakfasts: this batch was made with 1/3 c cereal, a few heaping Tbsp Greek honey yoghurt (so fatty…so good), almond milk, 1/2 banana, and cinnamon, topped in the morning with dried cranberries and walnuts:


With tea, o’ course!

Woop, it’s absolutely lovely outside today – check out the view! I think the chickens are enjoying the sunshine too.

My roommate has a little herb garden and some tomato plants on the deck…cute!


5 thoughts on “just me and the vegetables

    • Heh, thank you!

      Yup, the chickens belong to the farm at which I’m working for the summer 🙂
      It’s so awesome to have access to fresh eggs from free-range hens – if you have the space and time to take care of them, I say go for it!!

  1. Ahhh I love the idea of the peasant’s corner. I’d be all over that! I love misfit foods, they’re extra special 🙂 And you totally have me craving potatoes now, if I don’t make some by the end of the week then there might be some issues going down.
    Also, your limericks are adorable haha

  2. bah i love your limmericks! so cute. man.. everything looks so beautiful.. your food sounds amazing. i have some sweet overnight oats recipes for you if you’re down. man i wish we were roommates in fall 😦 we could have so many cooking adventures.
    will you teach me to grow things? haha i want an herb garden.

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