battles with plants!

I just noticed that many of my tasks at work sound slightly combative:
-STAKING peppers
-CAGING tomatoes
-STRINGING UP cucumbers

But don’t worry – the vegetables and I are getting along just fine.

Seems we’re finally getting a dose of Okanagan summer (this part of British Columbia gets the hottest summers in Canada, generally). High 20s, sunshine, and dry, thank goodness! Nice to be avoiding the notorious Toronto humidity.

I do miss the city, though – things like taking the ferry to the Islands, cycling along the waterfront, chillin’ in High Park, patio beers on Queen West…

Ah well, hopefully I can enjoy these things when I return home in September!

Along with copious amounts of fruit – I decided that I should use a good chunk of my first paycheque to splurge on things like grapes and melon, haha – I have been enjoying some of my favourite recipes, including…

Banana-walnut-carob chip pancake monsters (apparently my pancake-flipping skills have degenerated since last winter!):

Zucchini bread with walnuts and coconut:

More overnight oats, with iced coffee in a mason jar:


Lunches that are heavy on the greens…


A mixture of lentils, wheatberries, and brown rice in a nooch + hummus + almond milk sauce…


…eaten with the farm’s spicy greens mix and toast with cheeeeese.

Simple egg scrambles with potatoes, greens, and bread cubes:

Served with my new favourite summer tea (Celestial Seasonings’ Country Peach)!

I got a nice parcel in the mail today from my Mom – now I can measure ingredients, ride my bike at night, play piano, and pull weeds to my heart’s content!






3 thoughts on “battles with plants!

  1. Nooch, hummus, almond milk sauce alongside delicious delicious melted cheesy goodness? And zucchini bread? Count me in! I wanna play in the sun battling vegetables!

  2. ooh my. Celestial Seasonings’ Country Peach? I love Celestial Seasonings, and that peach tea sounds awesome. Esp for iced tea! Hee hee, your mom knows you well…I think it’s easy to discover what the person is like by seeing what her mom sends her!

  3. so glad you got to avoid the humidity… there were days when my hair turned into instant humid-fro. i must try this nooch + hummus + almond milk sauce.. sounds divine. that tea sounds good!! is it flavourful enough? i get frustrated with fruit teas sometimes. what a nice package from your mum ❤ so cute.

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