To market!

I got to help set up and take down our farm’s stall at the Friday afternoon farmers’ market – so fun! It’s still not super busy as it’s fairly early on in the season, but I’m looking forward to helping out more as we harvest ever-increasing varieties of produce!

Today was the first day of STRAWBERRY picking – man, I was so tempted to eat every other berry I picked, but managed to resist…mostly. They are so juicy and sweet!!

Anyway, I wanted to share some photos I took of the wonderful produce from the farm! Let’s see if I’ve got my vegetable terminology straight…

Radishes: Easter Egg, Cherry-Bell, and French Breakfast



Golden (they look like sunset!) and baby red beets:

Red-leaf butter lettuce:



Curly Leaf and Red Russian kale:

Mmm dill, cilantro and basil:

Salad turnips and rainbow carrots:

Zucchini – check out that bad boy in the middle – we have to stay on top of picking them daily, otherwise they become GIANT!

Beautiful li’l strawberries – apparently these disappeared rather quickly!



Kathryn and Rob: expert organic farmers!

Whew, so glad it’s the weekend! I’ve been really tired this week – think earlier bedtimes are needed so that waking up at 6:15 doesn’t feel like such a struggle. I put turmeric instead of cinnamon into my oats this morning – clearly my brain is a bit foggy. (It actually tasted ok, although I certainly wouldn’t do it again by choice.)

Planning to cook up some or all of the following:
-sweet potato-pecan pancakes
-vegan potato salad with lotsa dill
-chickpeas and spinach in coconut milk
-oatmeal chocolate coconut cookies


2 thoughts on “To market!

  1. I love farmers’ markets! Just about to head to the farm shop near me, not quite as good but I’m going for some strawberries – respect that you managed to resist eating them 🙂

  2. 🙂 awesome! is there an organic farmers market in our neck of the woods? do you know?

    i was actually salivating looking at those pics.. i need some more veggies in my life.

    omg sweet potato-pecan pancakes and oatmeal chocolate coconut cookies… i am way too hungry to be reading your blog right now hahahaha

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