farm lyfe

Last Sunday morning my coworker and I got a glimpse into life on an organic dairy farm, where my house-mate works. We only saw a small bit of the farm (it’s about 1200 acres – that’s 100 times the size of the lil’ produce farm where we work) but it was so neat to get an idea of the many things that go on on a livestock/dairy farm. Everything was just so BIG!

Vale Farms is located between Vernon and Lumby in BC.


We met Napoleon the cat:

I attempted to take artsy photos:

Then we took a ride into the field…

…where I spotted an alpaca!

A procession of sheep!

Gosh, they’re cute.

Kat kept this goat as a pet last summer. She clearly still loves her!

I thought this was just a perfect scene:

Farm girrls!

Mysterious metal engravings!

I spotted a can of Bud in the machine/equipment building:


Next on the agenda: a hike, and an epic stir-fry.


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