go take a hike!

After our dairy farm visit, we ventured to Bluenose Mountain for a wonderful hike! It was the perfect day for it – clear skies, sunny, and warm but not too hot.

Ah, fresh (low) mountain air!

M perched on a rock.

Wildflowers! Not sure what these are called.

Views of the valley down below – I always love seeing the patchwork of farmers’ fields:

Collecting flowers at the trailhead!

We ventured to Mabel Lake for a VERY QUICK swim (it was cold…even I, polar bear woman, had a hard time diving in), some reading, a picnic, and wine!

Just chillin.

I had been craving a veggie-filled stirfry all week, so I was happy to find an abundance of ingredients like garlic scapes, bok choy, new potatoes, and carrots in the peasants’ corner! Added some medium tofu (it kind of turned into mush…whoops) and peanut sauce, and served with brown rice and spelt.

Whatta-melon and blueberries for dessert!

Another nice dinner we made using farm ingredients was a simple bowl of macaroni with pesto (sans fromage since M doesn’t eat dairy) and lotsa vegetables. The pesto was made with arugula, basil, pine nuts, lemon juice, and olive oil – v nice.

Well, that’s all for now…let’s see what adventures I get up to this weekend!

2 thoughts on “go take a hike!

  1. so beautiful. and mmm.. pesto. tell your dairy-free friend to sub the fromage with avocado and blend.. makes it sooo creamy

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