berry good

Oh look! Cherries!

It’s berry season here and I am thoroughly enjoying gobbling up cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and saskatoons (no blueberries, sadly). They are all so perfectly sweet/tart and juicy – perfect to snack on after a long day of work in the hot hot sun.

We used some golden and red raspberries to make a flourless, sugarless chocolate cake for our new house-mate’s Bday!

Slightly overripe/squashed strawberries make a great addition to banana “soft serve” ice cream:

Any guesses as to what this head accoutrement is??

Strawberry fruit leather made in a dehydrator! I thought it made for an excellent photo op.

5 thoughts on “berry good

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  2. Homemade fruit leather? I’m so intrigued. It came out so perfect, and what a fun way to preserve some fruit. That would be great on a long hike or run or bike ride. Or anytime, come to think of it..ha. Fun! 😀

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