lettuce appreciate the good things!

Jingle of the day:

crawlin’ in the soil or perched in a cherry tree
a fruits n veggies farm is a great place to be!

I came up with this silly ditty when I was picking cherries this afternoon just before a wonderful thunderstorm. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit down/moody/homesick and I sort of forgot how lucky I am to be living in in such a beautiful place and doing meaningful work! Sure, hand weeding row upon row of crops can be tiring and frustrating, but getting to spend my days outside with a great bunch of people cannot go unappreciated!! Plus an abundance of freeeee produce and people to cook good veggie meals with >>>>> living alone and sans garden, as I was on my last work term. Let’s be positive, yes?

One thing I am POSITIVE about is that hummus made with lentils is muy delicioso. Check it:

(I realise these photos are atrocious, but I was too excited about lentil hummus to bother with proper lighting.)

We made two types: one with a bunch of Indian spices (turmeric, cumin, curry powder, maybe some garam masala?) and the other with half a roasted red pepper. The base consisted of:
-1.5 c dry red lentils, cooked and cooled
-olive oil
-lemon juice
-4? garlic cloves

All blended up in a food processor, adding a bit of this and a bit of that until its consistency and taste were satisfactory.

Lentil hummus, I will be making you again VERY SOON. We’re already raring to try a bunch of different flavours, like lemon dill, tomato-basil, beet, and sweet potato or squash.

Random breakfast pic (this was actually my roommate’s brekkie but it looked so good I just had to whip out my camera; of course, I tried a bite as well!):

2 thoughts on “lettuce appreciate the good things!

  1. Ooh, that hummus looks so creamy and thick! And well done you for realising how amazing your current experiences are! I long for warm weather and fresh berries, but then again, even in season raspberries cost $7 for a punnet (1/3 pound to Americans!)

  2. aww i’m sorry you were feeling homesick etc. but soo glad you were able to see the positive side of things! i miss you tons but am so happy you got to spend this summer where you did!

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