We finally got around to borrowing SCRABBLE – perfect for this strange, rainy week. The game was won with the “word” Van Halen, which scored 90 (although it went off the board – we play with loose rules).

I also finally got around to taking some photos of the farm on a properly sunny day! Ah, it’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Looks like the food theme of late has been stirfries, salads, and stew!

I think this was EPIC STIRFRY round 3. This one had onions, garlic, ginger, green pepper, broccoli, chard, beets, potatoes, and carrots, with s’more homemade peanut sauce. You really can’t go wrong with summer stirfries!






Also on the menu was this deeeelicious Moroccan lentil stew. I think the two star ingredients were peanut butter and raisins – strange, since I normally dislike raisins in savoury dishes.



We also have my favourite quick n easy vegetarian meal – chickpeas and spinach in coconut milk served over rice and spelt (complete the protein!).

It’s funny – I’ve been vegetarian for nearly seven years but I’ve never really gotten into green salads. Probably because I only discovered the joys of homemade salad dressing very recently…

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying large amounts of baby lettuce and arugula-based salads when the sun is actually out all day and I want COLD food. Yeah, I eat salad out of mixing bowls 🙂

Me gusta la ensalada verde!!

Oh, speaking of trying to communicate in other languages – I’ve decided I should take on the difficult project of learning some Cantonese (my mom is from Hong Kong) while I’m here, as I have ample free time and the desire to exercise the language side of my brain! Wish me luck. So far I can say things like “have you eaten your rice”, “excuse me” and “almond pudding” (useful, right?).





One thought on “scrabbled

  1. almond pudding is probably the most useful phrase you could know 🙂 hahaha sounds delicious anyways.

    loving all your meals. so healthy!!

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