paint your face!

A little face paint always makes things more interesting!

Yesterday was my friend’s last day working on the farm and she’s an expert face-painter, so we emerged after lunch looking a little more colourful! (I didn’t do a very good job on her, though…must practice. It’s a good life skill.)

She’s a real farm girrrrl!

We harvested so many potatoes on Thursday (before getting DRENCHED in a sudden thunderstorm). I was getting really tired of it until I started to find heart-shaped ones. I guess this is nature’s way of expressing love…haha.

It’s been so rainstormy this week, but I guess one of the positives is seeing LES ARCS-EN CIEL! Hard to capture on my dinky li’l camera, but I had a go anyway:

La vida es llena de belleza.


4 thoughts on “paint your face!

  1. Wow, that is one awesome potato! I’ve never seen one anywhere near that size before. Love your photos. I’m in Victoria, BC, where we haven’t had much of a summer at all. Don’t like to complain much, when I know much of North America has been going through a terrible heat wave.

  2. The last time my friends and I face-painted each other was in Year 10, and it was super fun. Though, um, tinged with sadness in my mind, because it became very clear to me at that moment that my friends were the artistic ones, and I was the person whose art skills lie in stick figures. But hey, at least I looked good πŸ˜‰

    You and I shall one day practice on each other…

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