ode to parsley

there once was a fragrant green herb
whose addition made dishes superb
when chopped very finely
it adorns just divinely
kicking all other garnish to the kerb (yeah, spelled the Brit way!)

Not my best, but it’ll do!

I used this lovely little sprig to make a sesame-ginger-herb dressing for another monstrous green salad (this iteration had some chopped avocado on top, which made it more delicious and filling than my last one):

MMM greens.

Parsley also made an appearance in my weekend BREKKIE WRAP (new favourite Sunday breakfast!). Well, it actually started out as an egg and potato scramble, but I couldn’t resist wrapping it up when I discovered tortillas in the fridge!

Aw yeah. Everything is better in wrap form (even if it falls apart nearly immediately after…)!

Now that’s what I call breakfast of champions!








4 thoughts on “ode to parsley

  1. I never really know what to do with parsley when I have a bunch of it on hand, though throwing it in a wrap is always a good idea! The only thing I ever really think of is making tabbouli…good thing I love tabbouli!

  2. You know what parsley is good for? Pasta!!!! The easiest pasta = olive oil + garlic + red pepper flakes + chopped parsley + Parmesan. 😀

  3. There once was a herb curly or straight
    Which was often used to garnish a plate
    It comes in tabbouleh
    And makes people drooly
    As long as it’s not left to rot or stagnate.


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