cookin’ solo

Oh hey, another farm limerick! This one came into my head while I was picking those pesky french filet beans (they are super skinny and time-consuming to pick, especially now they're starting to get moldy due to all the rain). Three hours of bean-picking gets a bit dull, but at least it was hot and sunny out, so I got a bit of colour!

there once was a french filet bean
whose hide was so perfectly green
though the pickers did try
this one they could not spy
so mr. bean lives on, unseen!


I really miss collaborative cooking with my departed friend here at the farm! Now I have to fend for myself in the kitchen…haha, how daunting. But seriously, I find it much harder to find cooking inspiration on my own!

Here are some of the wonderful dinners we cooked last week – perhaps they will serve to motivate me to keep on creating exciting vegetarian dishes.

Farm veggie STIRFRY (love) with peanut sauce and toasted sesame seeds

I must replicate these wickedly good sweet potato-black-bean tofu burritos with avocado and tomato on the side. Oh man these were the best (and made for exciting leftover lunches)!!

And finally a vegetable-laden pizza with pesto and goat cheese…

Let’s just say I was eating the leftovers for days and was still left wishing there was more!

Whoop, Friday tomorrow! And then I actually get a THREE DAY weekend – whatever shall I do? Perhaps a Vancouver adventure is in order!

4 thoughts on “cookin’ solo

  1. Teehee, “Mr. Bean” makes me think of Fantastic Mr Fox – also a farm story, yay! I also love how using beetroot in strifries makes for pink deliciousness 🙂

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