i’m just here for the gnocchi

Ha, this line from the OC (oh yeah…I was a devoted watcher in high school) popped into my mind while cooking gnocchi this weekend. I’ll get to that in a minute!

August seems to have brought on proper balmy, summer weather, thank goodness! All the more reason to eat breakfast and dinner outside on the deck, with the clucking of chickens and the humming of sprinklers as a soundtrack.



Egg, bean n potato scramble with (cheese-less) pesto, and a jar of peach iced tea.

One of my house-mates and I made a Jamie Oliver recipe on the weekend – arugula gnocchi with a lemon butter sauce (and we added some fresh sage on top). I can’t say I’ve ever made a butter sauce before, but it turned out quite nicely! Well, she did most of the cooking…I was more the sous-chef.

Look at those fluffy little clouds of gnocchi!

Mmm butter. I have to say, I normally avoid butter when cooking (and even baking – this is probably why some of my baked goods turn out a bit lacklustre…) but it definitely adds a whole lot of richness and flava to this dish!

I’ve been craving sweet potato lately so for yesterday’s dinner I created a simple veggie stirfry and added cubes of patate douce and a whole can of black beans…also a whack of spices including chili powder, cumin, and coriander. Cooked up some tofu on the side and topped it all with a wedge of avocado!

I may not eat much butter, but I sure devour avocados! I like to say that’s why my hair’s so shiny…haha.

Look what’s ripe on the farm!

They’re a bit speckled, but incredibly sweet and juicy! Man oh man am I going to miss the plethora of produce when I return to Ontario.

2 thoughts on “i’m just here for the gnocchi

  1. I yearn for light and fluffy gnocchi the likes of which I had in Italy! So far, in Canberra, I’ve only found stodgy-mcstodgerson gnocchi 😦

    P.S. Burnt butter sauces ftw!

  2. i miss the OC when it was good, if only for the music. oh man i LOVE gnocchi. just had some at terroni on queen street.. i nearly died
    mmm you cannot go wrong with an avocado on top of anything, ANYTHING i tell you!!

    omg… peaches?! giveee meee

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