spin spin sugar

This weekend involved a fun little adventure to learn about SPIN (Small Plot INtensive) farming in Kelowna. One of my awesome coworkers had spoken to an urban farmer at the Kelowna Farmers’ Market and arranged for us to go visit their operation in downtown Kelowna, called Green City Acres.

It is super cool thing that they do! They have acquired six smallish plots of land (reclaiming people’s lawns into vegetable-growing havens, basically) that they farm pretty intensively, sans pesticides, chemical fertilizers or any of that nasty stuff. AND all the transportation of produce, tools, and equipment is done by bicycle! How radical, right?

I am not being sarcastic in any way. Visiting these plots (by bike, of course) actually made me so so so happy. Even though the plots aren’t huge, they are growing such a variety of wonderful things, including but not limited to:
-herbs (basil, cilantro, dill, etc)
-millet (we didn’t see this particular plot is it was a bit far from their downtown ones)

YEAH. It was definitely inspiring and made me quite certain that I want to become involved in SPIN farming (I’m sure such organizations exist in Toronto). It’s not just about growing awesome, healthy food – it also is a huge part of community-building and urban sustainability! I love it!

Okay. Enough praise and exclamation marks: time for some photos!

Garden gnomes remind of Amelie 🙂



Lawns to vegetable plots!

Look at those zucchini plants! Large. In charge.

Purple kohlrabi!

I have many more shots, but first! A funny-shaped potato photoshoot before market on Friday:

A benevloent shepherd and his two sheep-ducks?

Even potatoes can use a tan once in a while!



4 thoughts on “spin spin sugar

  1. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, my dear! I dream of one day living somewhere with the space for a garden. Until then, I shall lose myself in pictures of potatoes that look like ginger 😀

  2. I love that concept! Sounds like a great day.
    Also love the potatoes! Btw, I was reading your blog without glasses and I thought at first the garden gnome was a sweet potato or something and was thoroughly freaked out, ha ha!

  3. that’s awesome!!! max has a friend who is starting a similar initiative around here. seriously brilliant idea. why why why do you want grass on your lawn to just cut it every other day? haha

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