picturesque plots of produce

SPIN farmin’ visit, continued!

We chomped on some celery – something we DON’T grow at Pilgrims’ Produce:

And found some blackberries growing up a fence! I’m not sure if these were actually in their plot or a neighbours…in any case, they were delish.

A perfect green pepper:

This was the only somewhat-weedy bed. In general, the plots were super tidy…must be fun to harvest! Things are slightly more chaotic at our farm šŸ˜›

A cherry tree against perfect blue skies”

The shed where garlic-drying magic happens:

More nice rows of greeeens:

Their house was so neat. I just had to snap a few photos!

There were many interesting critters milling about the piano top:

They had a nice little porch area as well, watched over by some stone chickens:

A sweet gathering space:

A nice stack of colourful bins:

I thought this was some strange decorative plant, but soon found out it was actually amaranth!

We cooked up an appropriately vegetable-centric lunch: a giant, colourful salad with mixed greens, lemon cucumbers, tomatoes, shredded carrots n beets, and dried cherries, and a wonderful assortment of starchy veggies (purple potatoes, kohlrabi, zucchini, etc) cooked in coconut oil and a whole whack of spices. Perfect summer meal!

That’s all for now! I think a thunderstorm’s a-brewin’…I do love the heat, but a bit of a temporary cooldown might be nice.

Oh, I have to wake up at 5:15 to leave super early for market tomorrow…it’s funny, even though I’ve been working here for about 2.5 months now, I STILL kind of despise early mornings. The thought of getting out of bed before 6AM makes me shudder.


2 thoughts on “picturesque plots of produce

  1. oooh that farm looks awesome. how i would love to dip that green pepper in hummus. mmm. omg amaranth! so cool. i have yet to make anything with amaranth but i want to. you and i should have crazy huge healthy veg feasts once you’re back… i’ve been a mad recipe-collector all summer.

    also that room with the piano in it is gorgeous.

    mmm that meal looks delish!! with the veggies so fresh… bah!

    you sound so cute “leave super early for market” hehe for market! what do you do at the market?

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