get a move on!

Well, my all-too-brief stay at home in Toronto is is coming to an end. Tomorrow I move back to Waterloo for my final term as an undergrad!!

Today was a beautiful last summer day in the city. I biked all over the place, went to the beach, read two daily papers, listened to great tunes under the sunny skies, got Ed’s gelato, had a successful Value Village expedition, and ate pasta with pesto and veggies and chocolate-berry cake for a late dinner with los padres.

My food this week has mainly consisted of two things: swamp breakfast bowls (fruit smoothie with acai hemp protein powder, topped with organic raisin bran cereal), and large and exciting salads!

SWAMP THING (I will never stop loving this band)

Ensaladas grandes:

My bike n beach day, in pictures!

Waiting for the bridge to come down on Cherry St:

I spy a Cirque du Soleil tent!

Velo velo velo


A long summer bike ride MUST include a stop at Ed’s Real Scoop (there are two on Queen East: one in Leslieville and one in the Beaches). I got the leetlest cup with chili chocolate and banana. Perfection!


One thought on “get a move on!

  1. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve seen too many fantasy-style movies, but that tree with the above-ground root system? I keep imagining it scuttling all over the place of its own accord 😛

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