Possible my favourite spanish word to say: NARANJA (meaning orange)!

I have been eating mucha comida naranja lately, such as pumpkin oatmeal:

Roasted acorn squash n sweet potatoes:

Besides foods with vibrant orange hues, I am quite enamoured of salads lately…

Since I no longer have a gym membership here (good riddance, Goodlife!), my exercise plan for this term is to:

-cycle pretty much every day, to school, for errands, etc
-use the campus gym on weekends, when it isn’t crazy town
-do yoga at home 3x/week, since I HAVE MY OWN APARTMENT and actually have a proper space to lay my yoga mat out  (I will also be doing the occasional ashtanga class on campus)…plus I get to choose the soundtrack 🙂

School is going well so far: I’m really enjoying both of my french electives (French-Canadian lit and cultural studies of Paris), and two of my three planning courses. I’m also staying busy with a part-time job at a small health food store, volunteering at the faculty coffeeshop and campus farmers’ market, and looking into graduate schools for next autumn. Foof!

2 thoughts on “naranja!

  1. I like the naranja-hued things, so long as there isn’t actual naranja 🙂 And oooh, life seems wonderful and happy! You go girl! (I can’t believe I just said that in a non-ironic way.)

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