cha cha chai

Frothy almond milk + vanilla agave + loose leaf chai = evening drink of champions

Uh huh I need a living room table. For now, the floor shall suffice!

Pumpkin oatmeal will always be my autumn breakfast #1, but apple oatmeal with sunflower seed butter and plenty of cinnamon ranks a close second.

I think an apple-picking adventure will be necessary to replenish my supply.

I’m really into red quinoa lately. In fact, it is the only grain present in my cupboard, so I’d better like it. Mmmm green pepper, tempeh, and lots of Herbamare. LOTS.

Bowls of veggies galore have been dominating my meals thanks to my Kitchener Market haul:

Roasted squash and broccoli with stir-fried tofu, green onions and edamame. Hi, fibre baby!

This meal definitely gave me a stomach-ache. Come on, stomach, I’ve been herbivorous for seven years! Learn how to digest vast quantities of plants already!

2 thoughts on “cha cha chai

  1. I hate when those oh-so-good, fiberlicious, squashtastic meals bring on the tummy ache. Argh! I make sure to chug tons (and TONS) of water when that happens :).

    And you just reminded me that oatmeal with apple used to be one of my favourite breakfasts, I haven’t done that one in a while. Holla Fall Breakfasts!

  2. Everything here looks and sounds amazing! Also, can’t help giggling at the lack of table because my housemate is about to move out and take all the furniture with her. I’ll be looking like a squatter soon! 😛

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