what a bore!

Gosh, I’ve become such a homebody since summer. I guess that’s what happens when Year 5 rolls around (no, I didn’t fail anything, I’m just in a 4.5 year program).

My life in a nutshell = yoga + class + work + reading + cooking + walks in the park + movies + lots of coffee and tea. I guess it’s okay to have quiet time aplenty…but I kind of miss going out more. Oh friends, why must you graduate without me?

Thankfully I AM going to a concert at Starlight tomorrow (Ra Ra Riot)…hopefully I will manage to stay awake past midnight 😀

Although my kitchen remains somewhat unequipped, I managed to cook up some decent meals this week. Numero uno: chickpeas, sweet potatoes and broccoli in coconut milk :

Avec brown rice, of course.

Brown rice rotini with tomato spinach n broccoli-enhanced sauce…boring but functional:

Decided to bite the  bullet and buy some organic old cheddar. Worth it!

Greens greens greens:



Now this, friends, was a glorious salad. Baby spinach + corn off the cob + edamame + grape tomatoes + avocado + hummus dressing.

Doot doot doot…

I’ve been making nice autumnal playlists for my morning yoga session – here are some recent favourites:

Bombay Bicycle Club

Neon Indian



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