mr blue sky please tell us why!

…you had to hide away for soooo long, soooooooo long? Yes, Mr. Blue Sky finally appeared today – thank goodness, because seriously, this dreary, rainy weather has been getting me down. However, I followed a tried and true recipe for happiness today, and it worked! The components are:
-sunshine/fresh air
-playing piano


Here are some of the fall comfort foods I have been guzzling-

More roasted vegetables. I can’t get enough.

Baked sweet potato with sunflower seed butter + cinnamon:

Banana “soft serve” topped with cinnamon + cacao nibs (free from work; I never buy things like this)…with a side of yoga mat:



This must have been eaten during a brief warm spell, as I certainly am not craving cold things these days!

SOUP is more like it. Glorious soup. I believe this was Thai sweet potato with coconut milk and some edamame thrown in for kicks:

This looks like either baby food or barf, but it is super delicious! Brown rice rotini with “nooch” sauce, edamame and butternut squash. “Nooch” sauce = almond milk + nutritional yeast + hummus.

Upbeat, folky music seems to be an antidote to the mid-term blahs, so here is a nice Jason Collett tune:

Right on, Mr. Collett! I am going to see him live in a couple of weeks – should be a nice little show.



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