start my travellin’…

Oof, being so close to graduating, all I really want to do come January is TRAVEL! Especially after finding some shots from last spring in Amsterdam on my phone…

Dreamy canals.

Oh, to be able to live in such a beautiful, bicycle-friendly city!

I think my top three dream destinations at the moment are:
1. Austin, TX for South by Southwest!
2. Peru, to do some serious hiking and work on mi espanol
3. Scandinavia (mainly Stockholm, Bergen, and Copenhagen) – would also love to return to Amsterdam as one week was far too brief a stay.


In food-related news, I have been enjoying the delightfully fatty combination of hummus + egg + avocado on toast for brekkie. It’s like the Sra version of those awful fast food “breakfast sandwiches”!

In trying to continue the good habit of cooking a large vat of legumes + veggies + grains on Sunday to pack for lunch during the week, this rather tasty navy bean-sweet potato curry with red quinoa was born:

My nailpolish kind of matches the zucchini…

SO GOOD. I would definitely qualify this as healthy comfort food!


On the fitness front, I am basically just doing a lot of yoga in addition to walking + cycling everywhere (except during torrential downpours…in which case I will begrudgingly ride the bus).

I am happy with my upper-body strength progression – the chaturangas are feeling a lot more natural and I’m doing many front, back, and side planks, as well as fun gymnastics inspired back bends and such. I also have been working on my flexibility ’cause I’d like to do some dance classes this winter and I don’t want to embarrass myself (too much). Got my right splits back already 🙂

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