Oh yeah, it’s crunch time. Submitted my last beast of a planning assignment today and just have one paper and one exam to go! YA YA YA YA.

Simple meals have, of course, been the name of the game.


Roasted squash, sweet potato and zucchini!

With quinoa and some weird hummus sauce I made.

This is what happens when there isn’t much left in the fridge for dinner…

Raisin toast with cheese and kale pan-fried in coconut oil. Not exactly the delightful flavour combination I was hoping for, but not bad!

I recently acquired a mlk frother so I decided to make a London Fog of sorts with Earl Grey and some frothy soy milk. I think my technique needs some work, as those lovely bubbles disappeared too quickly to take a picture!

One thought on “KRUNCH

  1. You’ll have so many possibilities with the milk frother! I love the idea of making a London Fog. I tried one on accident once at starbucks, after they mistook my actual order of a “misto” for a “fog” (hmm?) It was actually quite tasty and I really should try making my own. šŸ˜€

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