back to reality

I’m all about the savoury brunches at the moment.

Leftover lentil-squash stew with a fried egg and uh, a lot of parsley which I’m trying to use up before it goes yellow.

With my new “hidden owl” mug – a lovely Christmas gift.

I also received a FOOD PROCESSOR (miniature, but still Kitchen Aid and still super exciting) for Christmas, which I put to work immediately making pumpkin banana “soft serve”:

6 chunks of frozen banana + 2 Tbsp canned pumpkin + splash of coconut milk + cinnamon

I have a lot of spare time this week due to being done school (still can’t get over this) and having no shifts at the PT job. [Does this mean they don’t want me anymore? I kind of hope so, actually – at any rate, I’ve already had an interview for a different job at a cafe, which I feel would be more enjoyable.] My plan is to do a lengthy yoga/strength training session and/or a nice long walk every day with some gymming thrown in for good measure, read a lot, draw a lot, sing a lot, and cook a lot. COOL.

So this was yesterday wintry walk in Kitchener:

I really like this part of the city, near the Kitchener Market on King St.

A nice little mural.

Perfectly snowy day.

A series of blurry photos taken back in Toronto, featuring Mlex, Bloor St., beer, and seaweed:

There is nothing like funny ambles around town with old friends.

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