The calming quality of long walks in the snow is really appealing to me right now.

Pitter patter.

Iron Horse trail – haven’t been here in a long while.

I do enjoy looking up at railway tracks.

Clear skies for once – yes!

KDubs can be quite beautiful, despite popular belief!

Some glimpses of my kitchen output –

Lentil-squash stew with wheatberries, with way too much parsley and nooch. Not very photogenic.

Overnight oats with plan yoghurt, pumpkin, agave, chopped apple, craisins, and sunbutter. I pre-cooked the oats and then refrigerated them overnight, a tip learned from Chocolate and Chard!

New favourite tea mug. Wheeee, owls!

Simple, leisurely breakfast: toast with hummus and fried egg, orange, and coffee. The dino mug is my second favourite.

C’est tout!

Cannot get this out of my head. Loopy! [Braids: Lemonade]

3 thoughts on “footfalls

  1. Oh KDubs, how I miss thee.

    Haha, I missed the owl in the mug the first time round so I was trying my best to find the owl in the dino in the picture below. Nice mugs!!!

  2. Such beautiful, serene photos! I’m dreading the snow right now, but you really made it look so lovely and benevolent. It’s just the bad driving conditions that have me nervous, now that I have my license.

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