we like to move it

Hm, looks like I might be moving back to Toronto sooner than I thought…I have three job/internship interviews in the next couple of days, so if I get work there, it doesn’t make sense to stay in Waterloo, much as I adore my apartment. Oh, the unpredictability of life as a recent graduate!

My eats have been as predicable as ever, though. More pumpkin blueberry oaty oats…these were bulked up with plain yoghurt and peanut butter:

Another morning, another round of egg-in-a-blanket!

With some avocado and kiwi for good measure.

I’m trying to cook a wide variety of dishes beyond my usual roster of legume n veggie stews. SO I made the Shepherd’s Pie from the Veganomicon, substituting sweet potatoes for the topping and sprinkling some old cheddar on top. Yeah!

A friend of a mine and I made some ballin’ bruschetta to eat during a viewing of Tim Burton’s Beatlejuice (what a strangely entertaining film). Mixed some tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, parsley, and cheese, and used this finely scented mixture to top toasted baguette. How very European!

[Oh no – return of the terrible cell pictures!]

Grand, gooey, goodness.

2 thoughts on “we like to move it

  1. Good luck on your interviews! I am, however, looking for work outside Toronto… Not that I want to leave at all…. However, I have been meaning to make it to Thrive in Waterloo for such a long time! Don’t miss it while you still live there. 😉

  2. Oooh, crazy coinkidink! I haven’t thought about Beetlejuice in years, then when I was in Melbourne this weekend (with someone from Toronto, no less!) it was playing at the Rooftop Theatre. Wheeeee!

    Also, I frequently use sweet potato in Shepherd’s Pie. Coinkidinks everywhere!

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