shared meals and east-end walks

I was in Toronto for a few days for interviews and enjoyed some good meals and excursions into the wintry city!

Breakfast: fried egg with arugula and avocado on half a bagel, with pear on the side.

I also cracked open my Wanda’s Pie in the Sky cookbook to make these “gorilla” cookies:

Basically a chewy oatmeal cookie with granola, raisins, choc chips, coconut, walnuts, and sunflower seeds.

They were very well received. In fact, my dad said they were some of the best cookies I’ve made, so thumbs up, Wanda!

Upon returning to Waterloo, I cooked up some spiced chickpeas in coconut milk, mashed sweet potato, and wheatberries to share with a friend:

Normally I make one-pot meals for myself so it was nice to have different components.

Yay! I really like cooking for other people. It makes me try harder.

My last interview was on the Danforth so afterwards, I went for a stroll down to Riverdale Park:

Spot the cross-country skier?

Stopped for some hot apple cider at the Rooster:

And later for coffee at F’Coffee:

One of my favourite bridges in Toronto:

It sucks that this part of the Don River has been channelized, but I must say I appreciate the contrast between natural and man-made infrastructure here:

I also finally made my way to Bright Street in Corktown, which is sort of known for being a quiet, winding little street with cottage-like row houses built for immigrant workers back in the late 19th century. [Side note: I spent a good portion of my time at home engrossed in a book called “Old Toronto Houses”, which I have already read at least thrice. I have some quaint interests.]

Before catching the bus back to Waterloo, I had tea with Mlex at Moonbean and admired her RIGOROUS INK DRAWINGS:

Ah, to be able to draw things that look good!

3 thoughts on “shared meals and east-end walks

  1. Wow Toronto is a winter wonderland! The last time I was there, it was summer so it was really hot and humid.

    Those ink drawings by Mlex are seriously awesome! 🙂

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