il neige!

It’s a snowy world again!

[Playing around with my phone camera’s colour modes…Instagram it ain’t but I do what I can]

I like going for walks in the snow what I have a cold [coupled with drinking mug upon mug of tea, of course]. Seems counter-intuitive, but it always makes my head, throat, and stuffy nose feel better!

I actually went out on both Friday and Saturday night (even though I was home before midnight…hahahaha what is happening to me?) – watched some slam poetry at the university bar and then last night was a friend’s birthday gathering, for which we made CUPCAKES!!

[Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream, from the Magnolia Bakery cookbook]

Are we pros or what?

Cupcakes are definitely as fun to make as they are to eat. However, I wouldn’t say no to a batch of cupcakes for my birthday! Heh heh.

To end off, five things I am enjoying and perhaps you will too:
1. Americanos from DVLB…the fact that this place is a 5 min walk from my apartment does not bode well for my wallet
2. Late afternoon walks, just before the sun goes down
3. Earth-tone plaid shirts
4. Borrowing stacks of National Geographer Traveler magazines from the library to read with morning coffee/tea
5. Wine and french movies with friends!


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